Quality policy

 C.Matic srl is a company specializing in the construction, overhaul and assistance of automatic machines, special equipment, precision mechanics and accident prevention and provides its customers with related assistance and maintenance services. The choice to operate in this market niche is aimed precisely at providing innovative and customized solutions according to the customer’s needs, according to his production needs and the type of final consumer to be satisfied; this both in terms of packaging and process.

The pivot of the organization is communication both with the staff, to achieve the most functional synergy to maintain a serene and participatory working climate in which everyone’s contribution can be aimed at continuous and constant improvement, and with the customer in order to offer the best solution to every problem.

C.Matic s.r.l. strongly believes in training and professional updating that empowers and qualifies both the Managers and the entire staff, thus offering an increasingly efficient and customer-oriented service. Doing “Quality” for this organization means aiming to offer control and monitoring services for the activities carried out, placing oneself on the market and towards customers as a reliable and reference company

For all employees “working in quality” must be understood as doing their job well according to the established procedural rules, to provide customers with the requested service, in the time, in the manner and at the agreed cost. For this purpose, C.Matic srl has implemented a Quality Management System that allows the recognition of the requirements to be met (of the customer, regulatory and internal) to provide adequate services, have control of any non-conformities, through Internal Audits and, above all through frequent checks on the correct provision of the services offered to prevent problems and shortcomings. This policy includes the following commitments:

– comply with the relevant laws, regulations and other commitments signed by the Organization;

– formulate objectives for continuous improvement of the performance and safety of workers;

– adopt the technological processes that offer the best services both in terms of quality, environment and safety;

– develop training and training for all personnel to promote and encourage any initiative;

– involve suppliers and subcontractors in the operational control of the service;

– communicate with interested parties and involve them;

– Update, where necessary, the assessment of the risks and opportunities of the company business.

The objectives, in accordance with scientific and technological progress, will apply, according to market logic, to all activities. This Policy provides the reference framework for establishing and reviewing objectives and targets, is disseminated to all employees and collaborators and is available to the public.

The Management undertakes to review this policy annually, in order to confirm its relevance and formulate the improvement objectives to be pursued in accordance with this policy.
All staff are required to actively collaborate and must consider the Quality Management System as a basic tool for their business, in order to always ensure the best possible service, the minimization of impacts and the environmental compatibility of the activities carried out.